Poem Story Telling (3rd Artefact )

process and development 

I want to be able to tell a story using images like most directors do. I got inspired by watching a few music videos and analysing how some directors use imagery to tell stories or bring emotions to the screen by use of  special effect and technics. I want to be able to bring the artistic and dramatic feeling to my work as a director and creatively challenge my self.

Ilooked at some online sources and found out that the most expensive video of all time was directed byMark Romanek: Michael and Janet Jackson‘s “Scream” (1995), which cost $7 million to produce.

Melina Matsoukas says that expensive equipment is not necessary for a quality video and one should never think that way: “A good video has the right visuals, a well conceptualised story and should be exciting and elicit reaction.”


I love poems, simply because they take you places and make you think that there is more to this world. A poem has the power to change feelings and bring sad emotions or good emotion or some times make you cry. This inspires me to use images to inhence story telling because it engages the viewer by use of visual technics and music.

In the 80’s stories were told differently some times only people who are present at that particular moment got to hear the story but as time evolves some things change and now stories can be shared in different ways accross the world for every one to access by use of internet. In the 21 st century there are different technics of telling stories. For example a poem is a piece of writing in which the expression of feelings and ideas is given intensity by a particular attention to diction sometimes involving rhyme, rhythm and imagery. I really find that interesting because some directors use the same method to tell certain stories. This is the same thing i will be producing.

This is one of the poets of my century that use some of those technics and inspires me.

In this particular peom i like the combination of the acoustic guitar, music combined with George the Poet’s voice to help set the mood through which he is telling the story. This makes the poem more interesting through visuals and audio, it adds another element to the poem/story and this is where i get my inspiration from so i had to do an artefact with the same consept by using  music, imagery and a poems to give my story depth.

The music video i want to produce  for my final major project is something like this:


In the media world the genre of my Artefact is a poem produced into a hip hop music  as a style to tell the story , i am collaborating with a music producer who is creating a song  that we are going to use in my final major project. I am going to write a poem and visualy present it using different technics to bring out the right mood for the poem as seen in previous examples above.

My intestion is to record different scenes of project in different cities including Newyork city, United kingdom and Amsterdam which will differ from what has been done before.

For example, In this video there is added value simply because it is filmed in a different country and it tells the history of the place. But that’s not the only thing that makes it different or interesting. I looked at the style in which it is shot and the use of music and camera angles to tell the story and create imotions. The story becomes more than just a poem but an art and that’s what adds value to the poem.

This will add value to my video in terms of traveling to different locations. The reason its going to be different from what has been done before is because i have never directed anything like this before so i will be creatively challenging my self to make a good piece of art through illastration of words and music combined with visuals. I am collaborating with a music producer, creating a poem, story board and directing the video my self and i will be in the video as well, the video will be edited by my self and thats what makes it different. I want to become like “Stan Lee” an American comic book writer and editor who directs his movies and acts or appears in some scenes of the movies. Thats my vision and where my inspiration comes from.

Here is my proposal




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