What is a cliche? a cliche is an expression, idea or element of an artistic work which has become overused to the point of losing its original meaning or effect, even to the point of being irritating, especially when at some ealier time it was considered meaningful or novel.

These are some of the common clichesĀ 

when ever some one is being chassed they always fall down

In some horror movies the bad or the monster chases the character and the car refuses to start

I like this cliche where the camera spins around the character to creat an emotion

Secret talk when two characters exchange information and they don’t want the other character in the movie to know what they are talking about

The most common one like in high school movies, where the bell rings in class while the teacher is teaching and the whole class runs out.

Slow motion parodying the metrix bullet time where the character is shown in slow motion dodging bullets or knives

False alarm, mostly in horror films where some one sneaks on a friend un expectedly and scares them causing the audience shock as well because they did not expect it.

The comedic pause, especialy in trailers where the music stops to enhence the joke

Fading to black especially in tralers where they never transition to another scene with out fading to black

The worst one is where stupid villans in most action movies, the bad guy gets a chance to shoot the good guy, points the gun at him and talks to him but he doesn’t shot and instead get shot.

Explosion of cars and the good guy is walking away in slow motion

Happy endings especially common in romantiic movies

sex is used in many films to get the audience more interested

Dumb blondes a negative stereotype about the intelligence of blondes


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