Production technics

Before i shoot any scenes for the music video, i need to first record the song so that i can play it on the set as i shoot the scenes. This will help me synchronise the shots with the clean track in post production. To be more professional as a director i need to instruct the performers on how to sing or mime the  words to give it that energy. If they mumble, it doesnt look right when i lay the shots against the song, because the tension and movements of the face and body will not be consistent with the sound of the song. They must sing as if they are recording the song in the studio with the same energy.

I need to shoot plenty of angles and make sure that most angles cover the entire song. If i don’t shoot enough angles of the whole song, the final edit might not look as professional as possible. I need to shoot plenty of cutways, also known as B-Roll shots. These will be used to give some variety to the video. Some directors intercut performance or dance routine shots with random cuts to shots in which the singer is neither singing nor dancing, but doing something relevant to the music video’s theme. The jump cut technique is usually disastrous in movies, unless it is used to archieve a specific effect but it works nicely in music videos.

It is inefficient to shoot complicated and time consuming setups that cover a small part of the song dont schedule too many of these. In case there is a dance rootine, i need to make sure the dancers know it properly, and the lead singer is also completely at ease with it.

One of the characteristics of high end music videos is their high level of visual and stylistic coherence. That means that every shot in those music videos looks like it was designed, lit and directed by the same person. This makes the whole music video gel together very well. Music videos that tend to be appreciated by the industry these days are highly conceptual. This means that the imagery used in  the music video is mostly unrelated to the song’s lyrics. Sometimes ideas and visuals are shamelessly stolen from famous painters, as if plagiarism were somehow ennobled by its employment in a music videos.

The best way to make a music video that will be overlooked by those who matter in the industry is to make a video that is very obviously based on the song’s lyrics. This is an understandable tendancy for narratively oriented filmmakers, but the problem is that, as a music video director, you’re quite simply not allowed to make sense. The further removed from the actual story the images are, the more the music video will be appreciated by those who matter.

The general trend is that the music video industry doesn’t give enough credit to vanilla directors and meaningful story telling. I want to just pack as much visually impressive shots as i can into the music video and thats how i will stand a much better chance of impressing those who can make a difference to my career as a music video director. If i am exceptionaly fortunate, i might even impress those who are most out of touch with good filmaking and good taste, such as adverting creatives.

In terms of technique am going to cut shots in time with the beat so that it gels well with the imagery. For example in this song

I want to produce a short story line that is pretty close to the idea or theme of the song, with some imagery to amuse the audience. Like in this video below

This is the kind of style that i am drawing from as seen in this video above.

In terms of camera angles i am going to use lots of close ups to show facial expressions and some scenes will contain natual lighting from street lights and cars as seen in one of my previous videos. This is the kind of theme i will be going for.


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