I inted to put my work onto different media platforms, including facebook, vimeo, youtube e.t.c. This will allow my work to viewed internationally and within the uk. My project is more related to other similar music videos online but its a bit different and original, Because of the style in which its going to be shot in even though some scenes have been inspired from short films and other music videos, so it would make more sense if i put it on youtube as it has a range of viewers visiting the website on a daily basis.

I also inted to tweet and share with friends and family by adding a link on facebook and twitter so that i can attract Viewers to view my work just by clicking on the link. Tweeter is well known not only for exposing work but also people who don’t know you can easily find your work.

My music video will not contain any sensitive language or imagery, so it can be viewed by any one who can access the internet. My core audience is obviously my friends on social media platforms like facebook, tweeter and instagram. These are the kind of people i can show case my work to directly. My secondary audience is mostly my classmates and my lectures who will be a big part of my development and also be available to see my work in the lecture rooms where i will be showcasing it and inviting any critics to improve it before i can put it out there for my degree show.

The press would publish articles on me because i will be creatively challenging my self as a producer pushing boundaries and creativity, not only directing my project but also editing it and appearing in it as one of the artists on the project.

I want my work to be creatively engaging so that it can be seen by different kinds of audiences and other people could remix it and make it better. i want it to be educational rather than something boring. i have been researching on tecniques that make videos go viral and why people tend to continue the culture of constant creation.

for example in these videos…


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