Press Kit



Technical information

Tittle: Focus

Year of production: 2015

Duration: 3-4minutes

Genre: spoken word/ Hip Hop

Country of production: United Kingdom

Production format: Canon 500D HD

Screening format: 1920xl X 1080p

Language: English

Cast / Crew

Directed and written by: Victor Shakur

Director of photography: Reynard

Editor: Victor Shakur

Sound: Joshua Francis, Dan Shute

Lighting: Fred

Spoken word artist: Jamal Abdul

Chorus artist: Joshua Francis

Hip Hop Artist: Victor Shakur

Song Composer: Joshua Bates

Camera Operator: Evan Fernando



Director/Editor/Producer/Artist: Victor Shakur

Working on this project is quite exciting yet very stressful. I have to take on three major roles on this project but that’s great because I will have full control of my project.

I am very excited for people to see the final video as a lot of hard work will be involved and the crew will put in effort to archive great results and I am very proud of them.

Evan fernando

Camera Operator: Evan Fernando

After reading the script, I was very eager to get on with the shoot. The intensity of the story gives me the opportunity to use a variety of different shots to show the feel of the lead character. Making the audience feel the characters struggle is the main part that I wanted to get across in this video, so I will focus on using many close up shots throughout. Working on this project gave me the chance to work professionally and play out my role to the best of my ability.


Beat maker/ Artist: Joshua Francis

Working on this project was very exciting for me. I know I will enjoy every minute of the process from start to finish. The best part for me will be working along side the director and choosing the most appropriate sound for the project. This is a role that I will enjoy, but after working on this project, it will be definitely something I would consider taking on in the future.


Sound producer/ engineer: Dan Shute

It’s been a great experience working on this project. Although it’s a different genre of music from which i normally work on, i enjoyed every inch of it. The whole experience was easy because the track was already made. My job was just to record and mx the vocals and Victor is such a cool character to work with as he works hard to perfect his work. Looking forward to working on more projects with him in the future.

Production Schedule

Production Title :_________________________________                                   AD : _______________________________________

Day: _________________        Date: ________________                                      Unit Prod Manager :_________________________

Time Shot Set D/N Description Pages Talent Props/FX


Location Agreement
Location/Company ____________________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________________



Phone _(______)______________________     E:mail ________________________________________


Dear Sir / Madam:

  1. I, the undersigned owner or agent, whichever is applicable, hereby irrevocably grants to Film Production (“Producer”), and its agents, employees, contractors and suppliers, the right to enter and remain upon and use the property, both real and personal, located at:


The “Property”, including without limitation, all interior and exterior areas, buildings and other structures of the Property, and owner’s name, logo, trademark, service mark and/or slogan, and any other identifying features associated therewith or which appear in, on or about the Property, for the purpose of photographing (including without limitation by means of motion picture, still or videotape photography) said premises, sets and structures and/or recording sound in connection with the production, exhibition, advertising and exploitation of the film:

________________________________________________________________________________________                                                     tentatively entitled                     (the “Picture”).

  1. Producer may take possession of said premises commencing on or about:


subject to change due to weather conditions or changes in production schedule, and continuing until the completion of all scenes and work required.

  1. Charges: As complete and no payment for all of the rights granted to the Producer hereunder.
  2. Producer may place all necessary facilities and equipment, including temporary sets, on the Property, and agrees to remove said facilities and equipment after completion of work and leave the Property in as good condition as when received, reasonable wear and tear from uses permitted herein excepted. Signs on the Property may, but need not, be removed or changed, but, if removed or changed, must be replaced. In connection with the Picture, Producer may refer to the Property or any part thereof by any fictitious name and may attribute any fictitious events as occurring on the Property. Owner irrevocably grants to Producer and Producer’s successors and assigns the right, in perpetuity, throughout the universe, to duplicate and recreate all or a portion of the Property and to use such duplicates and recreations in any media and/or manner now known or hereafter devised in connection with the Picture, including without limitation sequels and remakes, merchandising, theme parks and studio tours, and in connection with publicity, promotion and/or advertising for any or all of the foregoing.
  3. Producer agrees to use reasonable care to prevent damage to the Property, and will indemnify and hold Owner harmless from and against any claims or demands arising out of or based upon personal injuries, death or property damage (ordinary wear and tear excepted), suffered by such person(s) resulting directly from any act of negligence on Producer’s part in connection with the work hereunder.
  4. All rights of every nature whatsoever in and to all still pictures, motion pictures, videotapes, photographs and sound recordings made hereunder, shall be owned by Producer and its successors, assigns and licensees, and neither Owner nor any tenant, or other party now or hereafter having an interest in said property, shall have any right of action against Producer or any other party arising out of any use of said still pictures, motion pictures, videotapes, photographs and or sound recordings, whether or not such use is or may claimed to be, defamatory, untrue or censurable in nature. In addition, neither Owner nor any tenant, nor any other party now or hereafter having an interest in the Property, shall have any right of action, including, but not limited to, those based upon invasion of privacy, publicity, defamation, or other civil rights, in connection with the exercise of the permission and/or rights granted by Owner to Producer. If there is a breach by Producer hereunder, Owner shall be limited to an action at law for monetary damages. In no event shall Owner have the right to enjoin the development, production, distribution or exploitation of the Picture.
  5. Force Majeure: If because of illness of actors, director or other essential artists and crew, weather conditions, defective film or equipment or any other occurrence beyond Producer’s control, Producer is unable to start work on the date designated above and/or work in progress is interrupted during use of the Property by Producer, then Producer shall have the right to use the Property at a later date to be mutually agreed upon and/or to extend the period set forth in Paragraph 2, and any such use shall be included in the compensation paid pursuant to Paragraph 3 above.
  6. At any time within 1 month from the date Producer completes its use of the Property hereunder, Producer may, upon not less than five (5) days prior written notice to Owner, reenter and use the Property for such period as may be reasonable necessary to photograph retakes, added scenes, etc. desired by Producer upon the same terms and conditions as contained in this agreement.
  7. Owner warrants neither he or anyone acting for him, gave or agreed to give anything of value, except for use of the Property, to Producer or anyone associated with the production for using said Property as a shooting location.
  8. Owner represents and warrants that he/she is the owner and/or authorized representative of the Property, and that Owner has the authority to grant Producer the permission and rights granted in this agreement, and that no one else’s permission is required. If any question arises regarding Owner’s authority to grant the permission and rights granted in this agreement, Owner agrees to indemnify Producer and assume responsibility for any loss and liability incurred as a result of its breach of the representation of authority contained in this paragraph, including reasonable attorneys’ fees.

Owner/agent: __________________________________________________________ Date: _______________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone/Email: ____________________________________________________________

Contact person on premises: _________________________________ Phone: ___________________________________

Signature : ____________________________________________________________________________________________

On behalf of : _____________________________________, Lessee

Script Breakdown Sheet

Production Title                                                                             Breakdown Page No.

Location                                                                                         Production No.






DAY        NIGHT        DAWN        DUSK



Production Title:                                                                                             Production Manager:







Phone: (      )
Phone: (      )
Phone: (      )
Phone: (      )
Phone: (      )

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