It feels good to be a student mentor the fact that you can provide help to other students to solve an issue, that makes me feel like i am an important person to my society and community. Things you need to know as a mentor As a student mentor it is not easy to deal with stress and pressure because some of your mentees might be difficult, the best thing to do is keep calm and be well prepaired before each session. Not every one is confident but nothing to worry about because this is something you can gain with in time. if you dont have confidence you have to keep improving on it to be a better tutor or mentor. As a mental you have to put people at ease but this is not as easy as it sounds to do because some people are difficult but for your mentors, it is important so that they can gain trust and feel comfortable around you. As a mentor you also have to be reliable to your mentees as well this also builds trust between you and your mentess. Its is very important as a mentor to be non-judgemental to your mentees because no one is perfect the only thing you can do is to show them how to improve or do things in the right way. you also have to be approachable and friendly some times, so that your mentees can have trust for you and look at you as a role model. As a mentor you have to be good at speaking in public which is also something you gain with in time and it comes with confidence. In this perticular field like TV studio, you also need to know what you are talking about. when you know wat you are talking about it is easy for you to be confident and guide your mentess on a particular set of skills. As a mentor you have to be punctual and a good time keeper because you have to set a good example to your mentees and it gives you enough time to prepaire, get organised to conduct the mentoring session. You also have to be open minded and adaptable because as a mentor i believe you are learning as well as your mentees. The most important thing to do is be honest to you mentees because you do not want to be giving them wrong information or telling them things your not sure about. Characteristics of a bad mentorĀ  A bad mentor is never orgainised and prepaired for the sessions with his mentees A bad metor does not care about his mentees A bad mentor is a bad at time keeping A bad metor doesn’t know how to deal with stress and pressure A bad mentor is not reliable A bad mentor gives overwhelming information A bad mentor is not approachable and friendly This is a picture discribing how a mentoring experience should be like. lion-cub I only chose this picture because i like lions but this is what i think a mentoring experience should be like, some one who shows you how to leave life and guides you through every step in this case the best example is parents.