Task 2

In todays lecture we looked at What not to do as a mentor and we discussed the characteristics of a good mentor. This video is used as an example of a bad mentor as we see the relationship between Rory and his mentee is no good. Watching this video helped me understand what it means to be a good mentor as i dont want to be like Rory.

The first thing not to do is, don’t make the trainee feel unwelcome because this will make it hard to establish a good relation between you and the mentee, first empressions are always important as body language plays a big part of how you communicate to people.

The second rule of being a good mentor is not to over load the mentees with information, it is always good to summerise the keypoints of what you are going to teach in that session then break it down if further assistance is needed. Although we had to remind our selves on how everything works in the TV studio, i guess we were lucky to have Bex along as an experienced staff member to help conduct the sessions we have been having with the mentees, this way it was more easier because she’s a bit more experienced than we were.

The third rule is Dont fail to make time for your mentees, a seen in the video a simple HI can make the mentee feel more confortable to tell you things or even ask you a question and when you are a reliable mentor the mentees feel more confortable in your presence. Don’t cancel any arranged meetings with your mentees as this can make them feel like you not reliable and responsible.

A good mentor is supposed to be a good listener, so don’t fail to listen because this shows the mentor that you actually care and respect what the have to say. i think its a two relationshio between a mentor and mentess, i belive as a mentor, your leaning for your mentees and they also learn from you and every one is happy.

The sixth rule is dont discourage your mentess, it is always good to give them balanced feed back as this will help them move forward and gain trust for you.


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