Final Mentoring session

I didn’t realise but time has gone fast. For this session there was a group activit, every group was being timed to see which one could be the fastest to set up all the equipment between the gallery and Studio the quickest. Out of the three group 4 was the quickest.


Group 6

When every one came into the studio for the session, they were timed and and they got around 95%after this there was a health and safety exercise where me and Dan had to were hi-vis and hats to carry out the demonstration regarding using a ladder.. This was fun for us an the mentees trying out the out fits and climbing on top of the ladder. After showing them the whole procedure then we had to go through how to wrap up the cables of the floor correctly to avoid tripping on them.

Group 5

Group 5 took longer time to set up than the previous group they got around 97% of the set up complete.  Becks was going through pointing  the mistakes they had made,she forgot one thing, the studio lighting wasn’t turned on, Dan reminded her before she switched the topic.


Group 4

this group was the fastest to set up everything, i mean they broke the record as they did it in half the time every one else took to switch on every thing, but they got one thing wrong which was the com that connects the floor manager and the gallery and thay also forgot to switch on the studio lights but they got every other thing right in only 5 minutes and 23 seconds this was amaising. Again Me and Dan went through how to wrap up cables, and then we went on to laying them down on the floor. During the first two groups we had three people at a time laying the cables.


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