First mentoring session

On this day i was nervous only because i didn’t know what to expect, when i arrived at the session everyone was ready and i found Becks there which helped me come down the nerves because she said she was taking the lead. The practice session we had in the TV studio to remind our selves on how to use a few equipment was helpful because i now knew what i was talking about.

During the introduction  Becks gave Dan and I a moment to talk about our experiences in the TV studio and because me and Dan had not planned anything to say, we were caught off guard, we didn’t know what to say during the first group. But once you start you can not stop everything just flows. The most important message we gave in  all three sessions was to have fun in the TV studio for it is an extremely fun module and highlighted the importance of teamwork because it is effective to work well as a team. The first time I had to talk to the mentees was quite difficult, the second time came more naturally and the third time I knew exactly what to say and i was more confident  i guess practice makes perfect.

We started with Group 6

Group 6 was the first group we mentored today, Dan and I decided that one person would mentor in the gallery and the other in the studio and then we would switch between the groups, for group 6 I was mentoring in the gallerie nd because i had practised before mentoring i knew how to use each and every equipment in the gallerie. I was more familliar with Vision mixing because that’s what i was doing last year so i found it easy to teach others how to autocue and switch between cameras.

This group had a little difficulty in terms of the VT’s, the director would not give a countdown to the end of the VT  but i dont blame him because the script they were using was a rough copy so it wasnt very important. the important thing was for them to learn and choose their roles because this was just a practice session.

Group 5

For this group, they had most of their team members available even though some were missing. This was quite easier than the first group because we had experience now. Dan and i, now knew exactly what to expect and what to say. Group five had almost every one is their group but they lacked presenters so there was no option left apart from me helping them.

Group 4

For this group they were short of people, so me and Dan had to be presenters. This was the easiest thing we had done for the day, as a result the group sees us as less intimidating and more on the same level as them. Despite being presenters Dan and I did mentor the three people in the studio two camera operators and the floor manager we went through their roles and how to operate the equipment. over role this experience was fun and i feel more confident when ever i have a session with my mentees.


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