Reflection of my Mentoring Experience

Even though these mentoring sessions have come to an end, i feel sad because i had started enjoying them. With this experience i gain more confidence than i had before, public speaking skills and responsibility. It has truly been an exciting experience. Although at first i was afraid because i didn’t know what to expect or say and i had never done anything like this before, it became much more easier every time i did it.

What even made this experience much more easier was that there was an experience member of staff who was always there to lead each sessions but she would brief us every day before the sessions start, me and Dan already knew what to expect and what to say. In the first session we had to introduce our selves and talk about our experiences, this made us open up to the groups and the group also reacted well to what we were telling them because it was in there best interests, i guess we wanted to make a difference as mentors.. Me and Dan always worked hard to make sure every one feels at easy while in the session with us, which made some of them confide in us.

What i noticed was that me and Dan are very good team players, which was one of the things we first told them. We told them that in order to get good grades on this module they had to be great team players and help each other out.. i guess the best thing to do was to lead by example. So me and Dan would help the fill out some roles each time some one in there group did’t turn up. A number of times we had to be presenters and floor managers but this made the whole experience even more fun.

It is always good to do something you are sure of. In these sessions me and Dan divided the roles because each of us was comfortable in doing something they are sure of. So Dan was mostly in the studio and i was in the gallery because when i was doing the same module i was always in the gallery so i new my way around each and every equipment in there. Although it was a good idea to have a practice session to remind ourselves before we met with the groups.

‘A Mentor benefits by acquiring improved ways of working with people and satisfying the desire to help others’ (Alred, G. Garvey, B. Smith, R. 1998). I would agree with that quote, I have become more confident when speaking in public and i have developed relationships with other mentors and mentees  however, i would like to do this again because it was a great way to meet new people and feel responsible, like a role model.



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