Second Mentoring Session

For this session the mentees had to set up the equipment without help from either Beck or us  the mentors and then go through all the roles. During this session the groups had an opportunity to change roles so as to get experience of being or working for a TV studio.

For the first two groups, Becks planned a team building exercise that involved breaking the mentees into pairs so that we could share a story that started off bad but then ended in a good way through their actions. This was to highlight the fact that they can turn a bad situation into a good one. For this exercise Becks handed the reins over to Dan and I to take the lead, we performed the exercise for the first two groups but then due to time constraints we didn’t do it for the final group of the day.

Group 6

Today  group 6 did well in terms of setting up the equipment, they got around 95% of it turned on, I felt as though there nothing me and Dan could do because we were instructed not to help at all. This session was abit relaxed because we were just watch the group practice what we taught them. ofcourse we were there to help in case they were stranded. Although there was two people who weren’t present during the first group but everything went smooth.

Group 5 and 4

For these two groups the time went fast as they came in and they were a bit more confident than last time because they sort of new what to do. Dan took the lead in these two groups as i was in the studio helping out in the roles of those that didn’t attend. Overall i believe me and Dan have become more and more confident each day because we have now established a relationship between us the mentors and the mentees.


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