Professional practice Networks 

  1. linkedin
  2. fame street
  3. Film and tv pro
  4. Shooting people
  5. Call the shots
  6. Cannes Lions
  7. Short film world
  8. Short film world
  9. ITV experience
  10. Film and Tv professionals

Joining any of these groups is a very huge step for media producers and other people looking to gain experience and this is how the future looks like. This is a very important step when it comes to developing your online presence as a professional in the media industry. I came to realise that, the advantage of employers accessing your contacts, is much easier than handing in a Cv. This saves a lot of time and the content is always available for any one to access your technicalities. Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 17.34.56 I have joined a few of these networks and they have given me the opportunity to find numerous opportunities with in the media industry. The biggest advantage is that when you sign in onto one of these networks, every week they send you notifications about new jobs availabilities and people within the same field always share different vacancies. If you want to land hands onto some experience or even paid jobs this is a very effective way of starting and this also enables you to network and communicate to other professionals within the same field.

A contact list of potential professional for my future career.

  • Greg Cole; film producer / director with experience of at leat 20 years of experience and he work at heart break productions. Email:
  • Jim Peakman; writer / director at blue ridge films, also work at Channel 4.Email:
  • Steven Ringrose; He is a lead editor at blue ridge productions. Contact details:
  • Dale Driver; He is a film director at blue ridge productions. Contact details: dale
  • Laura Douglas; She is a production executive at Educare. Contact details:
  • Gary Smith; Film producer at Winchester entertainment. Contact details:
  • Amy Mills; She is a runner at MBY productions and she also works at British got talent . Contact details:
  • Ray Grewal; Script writer / submission assessor at creative England, BBC, Chapter one promotions. Contact Details:
  • Martyn pick; He is a director at quantum films. Contact details:
  • Chris Mock; He is a sound engineer and editor. Contact details:

I chose these contacts because most of these people are in the same professional positions as of my interest so i decided to go onto their blogs and websites to  get in contact with and see what they are about, how they represent them selves as professionals.

Evidence of contacts i have made:

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 17.18.48

Although i managed to get in contact with a few of these contacts, most of them did not reply back in time, i guess this is because of their busy schedules but here is more evidence from a few people that replied.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 18.39.17

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 19.18.58


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